A multi-purpose tyre designed for your medium-sized trail bike on roads and paths.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

MICHELIN moto picto longevite pneu tyres

Grip and longevity

Its diagonal structure (crisscrossing layers) and rubber blend make for a good compromise between dry and wet grips, all the while providing outstanding longevity.

MICHELIN moto picto performance tyres

The multi-purpose tyre

The MICHELIN Sirac is the perfect compromise for your trail bike. Ride in total safety on both roads and paths.

MICHELIN moto picto adhesion route tyres

Quality beyond reproach

Just like with all its tyres, Michelin has invested its full know-how and experience in the MICHELIN Sirac to ensure its quality and your safety.

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1 size available for this tyre


120/90-17 64T



Aspect Ratio


Rim Size


Load Index


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