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Due to lockdown across the country, many motorists could find themselves parking their vehicles up for the foreseeable future. Here, we take a look at what you need to do in terms of storing your vehicle during self-isolation.

Preparing The Vehicles

  • To prepare a vehicle for extended parking, all tyres should be inspected for visible damage (such as cuts or bulges) and abnormal wear, and cold tyre inflation pressures checked for all tyre positions.
  • If the pressure checks reveal tyres under-inflated by up to 14psi, check for any visible cause and if nothing is found, the tyre should be inflated to the recommended level following the standard methods of safe working.
  1. If under-inflated by more than 14psi, arrange for the tyre to be demounted and inspect the interior for signs of internal damage, such as mottling and creasing.
  • If mounted in a twinned configuration, the twinned assembly should also be demounted and inspected.
  • Operators should also ensure each valve is fitted with an appropriate valve cap.

During The Extended Parking

  • Every four months a vehicle should be driven around the yard where possible – or if space is at a premium and assets cannot be moved, the tyres should be rotated a quarter turn. However, before any truck or trailer is moved, check visually for signs of under-inflation and if a tyre is deemed to require attention, follow the same guidance as previously stated.

Re-Entry To Service

Before commissioning any vehicle back into operation, check the cold tyre inflation pressure of all tyres and adjust according to the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations.

For any further advice or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to consult your Michelin Account Manager or authorized Dealer.

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