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e bike design

Designed specificially for electric bicycles. These tyres were designed to optimize battery life, tyre longevity and power transmission.


save battery

Optimize battery life thanks to rolling efficiency.


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Specific rubber compound for electric bikes.


Bicycle Picto e bike ready technology tires

Michelin guarantees the tyre is suitable for use with electric bikes. The grip and longevity of the tyres have been tested.
MICHELIN tyres with the e-bike ready label can be used on electric bikes (20 mph) (25km/h).

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The E-Bike usage is very demanding for both tires and rims, due to the permanent additional torque of the electric engine, and a more important weight to carry.

Michelin advice :

1. To check the appropriate inflation pressures before to ride. 
For that, Michelin strongly recommends to respect the minimum inflation pressures according to the biker’s weight : information available here (rajouter le lien du site + nouveaux tableaux pression que Cécile a demandé à Fanny)

2. Check regularly the condition of your tires (cut, crack, etc…) which can be damaged due to:
a. repeated pinch shock (tire pinched against root, hole, pebble, sidewalk, etc…)
b. terrain aggressions linked to off-road usage
c. damaged wheel (will insidiously harm the tire’s bead)

3. For the same reasons, Michelin advises to regularly check the condition of your rims and especially the rim hook in contact with your tires (bead zone).
For a better experience as to the use of your tires, Michelin advises to use rims respecting ETRTO and/or ISO standards

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