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Do electric cars need special tyres?

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Discover everything you need to know on tyres for electric cars, how they are different to those fitted on a standard vehicle, and how the right tyres contribute to range, energy consumption and the overall driving experience.

Why do electric car tyres and standard tyres need to be different?

Electric cars must bear more weight from the battery, so they require tires that can handle increased weight. Electric motors also generate torque and provide instant acceleration, allowing the car to utilize 100% of its power immediately, resulting in rapid weight transfer and more abrupt braking than traditional engines. This leads to faster tire wear.

Another factor that sets electric cars apart is the quieter operation of electric motors compared to internal combustion engines. Therefore, cabin noise is significantly reduced.

Michelin is committed to continuous innovation to make the world a better place. We design our tires under the concept of sustainable innovation, "Performance Made To Last," ensuring that Michelin tires offer excellent performance, durability, safety, and confidence from the first day of use to the next tire change. Our tires are designed to support electric vehicle usage by using a special rubber compound and tread design to provide smooth driving experience, longevity, and quietness, in line with Michelin's style.

How do electric car tyres improve battery range?

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Michelin tires not only offer excellent performance, durability, safety, and confidence from the first day of use to the next tire change but also feature tread designs and rubber compounds that reduce rolling resistance, minimizing energy loss. This maximizes energy efficiency and reduces the need for frequent recharging.

Do electric vehicles cause more wear and tear to tyres?

The most significant factors that differentiate electric cars from conventional ones are weight and the rapid transfer of weight and torque during braking, which is unique to electric vehicles. This poses a significant challenge for manufacturers as the increased mass and torque require tires with enhanced strength (able to corner confidently and precisely) to maintain adequate control and grip to support acceleration rates. Additionally, durability is necessary to minimize tire wear over extended periods of use. Michelin tires are designed to meet the demands of electric vehicle usage, offering excellent performance, durability, safety, and confidence throughout their lifespan.

Why are there different tyre options for electric vehicles?

The driving dynamics between electric cars and conventional vehicles do not differ significantly. Each driving style requires tires that meet specific needs. For precise control, sporty tires are preferable, while a premium driving experience may necessitate quieter, smoother tires. Opting for tires of high quality from a reputable brand that can meet the demands of your driving style is crucial. Michelin tires are suitable for various driving styles and are designed to support electric vehicle usage.

How do I prolong the life of my electric car tyres?

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As for any other tyres, there are two main ways you can protect your electric car tyres and thereby optimize their lifetime: maintenance and driving style.

Electric tyres maintenance involves monitoring the pressure, alignment and wear. This type of tyres tends to wear on the inside edge of the electric car wheel, so this should be checked regularly. The pressure should also be adapted depending on the load being carried. But how to find out the ideal tyres pressure? It’s simple! Cars get a sticker from the manufacturer which indicates the recommended pressure for specific sizes of car tyres. There are also recommendations according to whether the car is loaded or not.

Eco-driving is an expression we hear more and more these days, and with good reason. With the objective of reducing energy consumption, the right driving style not only maximizes the range of an electric vehicle, it also optimizes tyres quality and performance.

In summary, driving style is particularly important. Use moderate acceleration and gentle, regenerative braking. Take corners carefully. That’s the best way to extend the battery range, and the longevity of your electric car tyres.

In conclusion, Michelin confirms that "Michelin tires are designed to support electric vehicle usage," and we are confident that our tire shops can help you select the most suitable tires for your electric car and driving style. Additionally, you can utilize our tire selection tools for Michelin tires


(1) Internal noise measurement, done in 2016 on size 245/45 R19 on KIA Cadenza. Noise level measured in the range "170-230Hz". Results may vary according to vehicle, tyres range and size, speed and road conditions.



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