The sidewall is damaged

Symptom: indention

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Diagnostic: This is not a problem. It is the normal radial sidewall.

  • Indentations are quite natural on radial tyres (most tyres) and will not affect performance.
  • Your tyres feature one or more layers of fabric cord within the sidewall construction that run parallel to each other. (Steel cords are used within the tread.) Where the cords overlap, there is often slight indentation.

Symptom: bulge or bubble

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Diagnostic: Tyre Damage that Requires Repair

  • Most punctures, nail holes or cuts up to ¼" confined to the tread, may be repaired by a tyre professional using industry-approved procedures.
  • An on-the-wheel plug-only repair is unreliable and dangerous because after a puncture, the inside of a tyre must be inspected.


  • The proper repair of a radial tyre (most tyres) includes the placing of a rubber patch on the inner liner of the tyre and a rubber filling in the hole.
  • Do not attempt to repair tyres with tread punctures larger than 1/4" or any sidewall puncture. Also, do not have tyres repaired that are worn below 2/32" tread depth.
  • Replace your damaged tyre with a spare tyre – but be sure to first check the spare tyre's sidewall for the correct inflation pressure, speed and mileage limitations. Take your vehicle for an inspection to a tyre professional.
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