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Ride on asphalt and city trails with a much stronger, versatile tyre 

  • Robustness


Thanks to the new generation of 5mm reinforcement offering effective anti-puncture protection

rtb 1 protek max

Comparison table

city table us

5mm protection

bi 50 tire michelin protek max performance line en masterhook web



For maximum protection, Michelin offers MICHELIN Max Protection technology on MICHELIN Protek Cross Max and MICHELIN Protek Max tyres: 5mm reinforcement to prevent punctures.

technology protek max

13 sizes available for MICHELIN PROTEK MAX

Fits your vehicle

MICHELIN 37-406 (20X1.50) PROTEK MAX 37-406 (20x1.50HOOKED)

Fits your vehicle

MICHELIN 56-406 (20X2.20) PROTEK MAX 56-406 (20x2.20HOOKED)

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