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How to choose electric scooter tyres

How to choose electric scooter tyres?

You have an electric scooter and want to fit it with high-performance tyres. But this raises several questions: which electric scooter tyres are suitable? What criteria should you take into account when choosing them? Is there a dedicated product range, or are the tyres the same as those for internal combustion scooters? 

To help you see things more clearly, our experts explain everything you need to know to enjoy a smooth ride with suitable electric scooter tyres. 

From petrol scooters to electric scooters 

The world is changing. And if you've chosen an electric scooter for your mobility, you've already taken the first step towards the future.  

Some countries around the world have already set a date by which the use of internal combustion vehicles will be forbidden. Some towns and cities are encouraging the use of electric scooters by making their parking free, while charging it for combustion-powered two-wheelers.  

Studies estimate that by 2030, 30% of two-wheelers will be powered by an electric battery. There is no doubt that the shift towards electric vehicles has already begun. And this includes, of course, electric scooters. 

From petrol scooters to electric scooters

What are the characteristics of electric scooters? 

Of course, the first main difference is in the type of energy used: the battery in the case of an electric scooter. But did you know that it exists in different forms? Two technologies have been developed in parallel: 

  • a fixed battery that can be recharged at a charging point, as on cars 
  • a removable battery that you replace with a new one once it's empty. 

It's hard to say which will become the most popular, but fixed batteries are currently the most widely used by the general public. 

The removable battery, on the other hand, is developing more in the delivery sector, since the electric scooters used for this activity may have to travel several hundred kilometres a day. The cost of a removable battery is therefore more attractive, and there's no need to wait for a charge. 

How do I choose electric scooters tyres? 

Despite these differences, the requirements for e-scooter tyres are basically the same as for internal combustion scooters. 

To help you make the right choice, here are the important criteria we recommend you take into account:

  • good grip on wet and dry surfaces 
  • good longevity (the better a tyre performs in terms of longevity, the better it will respond to the faster wear that electric scooters entail) 
  • less rolling resistance for optimised battery life, so you can cover more kilometres on a single charge. 
How to choose electric scooter tyres

Our ranges of electric scooter tyres 

Michelin offers two ranges that are an excellent choice for your e-scooter: MICHELIN City Grip Saver and MICHELIN City Grip 2. 

Let's take a closer look at how these ranges can meet your needs: 



This range, specially designed for e-scooters, has been co-developed with an electric scooter manufacturer to meet all the requirements of this type of vehicle. 

This tyre offers the following key benefits:  

Excellent grip in the wet 

A new silica-based rubber compound with unique shark-tooth sipes gives this tyre excellent grip on wet or slippery surfaces.  

More miles 

Battery saving and maximum grip while maintaining the renowned longevity of the MICHELIN City Grip ranges. 

Energy saver 

This tyre offers very low rolling resistance thanks to the new "Electric ready" silica-based materials with very low energy dissipation. As a result, your battery will last longer than with the original MICHELIN City Grip (around 7% longer). 



This is Michelin's historic tyre range for scooters. For this reason, it is available in more sizes. 

It is the market reference for safety and wet grip and it is "electric-ready", which means that it is also suitable for electric scooters. 

MICHELIN City Grip 2 offers an excellent grip on wet or slippery surfaces thanks to its new silica-based rubber compound with shark tooth sipes.  

Silica technology also means lower rolling resistance, and therefore battery saving when used on electric scooters. 

This tyre has been selected by major manufacturers to fit on their scooters. 

How do you choose between these two tyres? 

The easiest way to choose between the MICHELIN City Grip Saver and the MICHELIN City Grip 2 for your e-scooter is to start with your tyre size. 

If your tyre size is not available in MICHELIN City Grip Saver, then you can opt for the MICHELIN City Grip 2, which comes in a wide range of sizes. 

How do I find my electric scooter tyre size? 

If you don't know your e-scooter tyre size, it's very easy to find out. Simply look on the sidewall of your tyres, where it is always indicated. All you have to do is check that your size is available on one or other of the tyres. 

Be sure to check the front and rear tyre sizes, as they may differ depending on your model of electric scooter. 

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