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Recognise tyres handling difficulties

It isn't always easy to get to the bottom of the reasons for different performance issues. Performance issues may be caused by the tyres (type of tyre, incorrect pressure…) and/or a change to the vehicle (accessories, load…). Tyres aren't always the only element to consider.

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A sharp sideways movement at the front (fork moving back and forth), it is intermittent and very fast, usually occurs during acceleration and is set off by some external impact (a bump, join in the tarmac).

moto picto picto shimmy help and advice


A sustained sideways wobbling of the front fork at low speeds (<100 km/h / 60 mph) whilst slowing down.

moto picto picto weaving help and advice


A wave-like movement of varying severity that may occur when riding in a straight line or on a curve and usually appears at an average speed of around 140 km/h (90 mph).

moto picto picto vibrations help and advice


These occur throughout the whole front fork/wheel usually at speeds of around 90 to 130 km/h (55 to 80 mph).

Tyres are not always the only issue

Weight distribution has a significant impact on whether or not a vehicle will develop a problem. The addition of accessories or modifications (non original top boxes, bags, fairings, windscreen, handles, seat, wheels...) may also play a part in performance.

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