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  • Enduro
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The tyre made especially for the rally raid, providing outstanding resistance and stability at high speeds. Tested during the Dakar!

  • Good cornering performance
  • Excellent robustness

Why is this the right tyre for me?

MICHELIN moto picto longevite pneu tyres

Incredible resistance

The KTM Factory Racing team, winner of the 2012 Dakar, chose the MICHELIN Desert Race for its incredible resistance no matter the terrain, temperature, or power and weight of the machine.

MICHELIN moto edito desert race tyres

An indispensable tyre

32 titles at the Dakar since 1983. Along with the MICHELIN Bib Mousse, it’s perfect for rally raid trials!

MICHELIN moto picto adhesion route tyres


The MICHELIN Desert Race ensures excellent stability at high speeds.

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1 size available for MICHELIN DESERT RACE

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