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Safety on both wet and dry surfaces for everyday use

  • Grip in the wet
  • Cover greater distances
  • Avoid nasty surprises

  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. 
  • Performance made to last
  • Good cornering performance

Why choose MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 tyres?

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Grip in the wet

The MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 has a tread pattern inspired by MotoGPTM, with small central grooves and progressive side grooves designed for enhanced water clearance.

MICHELIN rtb max

Cover greater distances

Specifically designed for your motorbike and your scooter, the tread depth and its special compounds maximise the distance you can cover**

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 Avoid nasty surprises

The tread compounds and pattern make MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 an ally for snaking through traffic in the dry or in the wet. Highly responsive to rider input, they offer a secure and pleasurable ride

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28 sizes available for MICHELIN PILOT STREET 2

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Legal mentions

* The independent body TÜV approved the results of a test conducted at Fontange, in France, in September 2018, to assess the overall performance (grip, braking, agility) of the MICHELIN Pilot Street 2 compared to its main competitors in the wet (Front: COMPETITOR A 80/90-14 40 S TL, COMPETITOR B 80/90-14 40 S TL, MICHELIN PILOT STREET 80/90-14 46P REINF TL and MICHELIN PILOT STREET 2 80/90-14 46S REINF TL/Rear: COMPETITOR A 90/90-14 46 S TL, COMPETITOR B 90/90-14 46S TL, MICHELIN PILOT STREET 90/90-14 52P REINF TL and MICHELIN PILOT STREET 2 90/90-14 52S REINF TL).

**Wear performance measured by comparing tread depth  and weight loss. Tyres used for front position are ASPIRA PREMIO SPORTIVO 80/90-14 40 S TL, PIRELLI DIABLO SCOOTER 80/90-14 40S TL, Michelin Pilot Street 80/90 - 14 46P REINF TL and Michelin Pilot Street 2 80/90 - 14 46S REINF TL. Tyres used for rear position are ASPIRA PREMIO SPORTIVO 90/90-14 46 S TL, PIRELLI DIABLO SCOOTER 90/90-14 46S TL, Michelin Pilot Street 90/90 - 14 52P REINF TL and Michelin Pilot Street 2 90/90 - 14 52S REINF TL. Tests conducted on a mixture of city streets, secondary and main roads, with Honda Click 125i in September 2018.

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