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  • Scooter

With its fun look and knobby treads, the MICHELIN Reggae is made for scooters on the move!

  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

MICHELIN moto picto performance tyres

Suitable for all terrains

The MICHELIN Reggae’s multi-purpose tread lets you take it off the beaten track! Whatever the conditions, your BW’s, Typhoons, or Boosters will be able to brave the most difficult of routes.

MICHELIN moto picto picto look pneu tyres

An original look

The MICHELIN Reggae is designed with a unique style which will provide your scooter with a special touch. Its knobs perfectly adapt to every type of scooter, combining an original look with the proven performance of our pneumatic tyres for a one-of-a-kind experience.

MICHELIN moto picto adhesion route tyres

The ultimate in quality

Just like with all of its tyres, Michelin has invested the full scope of its know-how and experience into the MICHELIN Reggae so you can be assured quality and safety.

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2 sizes available for MICHELIN REGGAE

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