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  • Custom Cruiser

A unique combination of traditional Cruiser look, agility and wet grip for the Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™ model.

  • Performance made to last
  • Good cornering performance
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. 
  • Approved by one or several manufacturers 

Why is this the right tyre for me?

MICHELIN moto edito mke tyres full

Traditional Cruiser Design for a new kind of motorcycle

Conceived exclusively for the Harley-Davidson® Street Rod, the MICHELIN® Scorcher® 21 features an exclusive Harley-Davidson® co-branded design from the MICHELIN® Scorcher® 31. It can handle the potholes and ruts of the city, attack and eat the pavement.

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Radial carcass for a sporty feel and urban agility

Inspired by our hypersport tires with high-quality materials, such as aramid fiber used in the aviation industry, the MICHELIN® Scorcher® 21 provides resistance and a lightweight feel, as well as unfailing stability at high speeds, to the Street RodTM  models.

MICHELIN moto picto adhesion route tyres

The MICHELIN® Scorcher® 21 incorporates Silica Rain Technology

To match the excellence of Harley-Davidson® as closely as possible, our engineers have developed a mix of silica-rich rubber compounds. This technology provides outstanding grip on wet surfaces.
It also ensures a maximum service life.

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2 sizes available for MICHELIN SCORCHER 21

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