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Is it Time for New Tyres? Checking the Legal Tread Depth for SUVs

The tread depth of a new tyre on an SUV is practically the same as a new car tyre — typically between 7mm and 9mm depending on the tyre model — while the legal limit in the UK for tyre tread size is 1.6mm.

Tips & Advice for Car, SUV & Van tyres
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With performance made to last, at Michelin we recommend using our tyres until the 1.6mm legal limit of tread.

Some manufacturers will recommend replacing your tyres when the tread is down to 3mm but we’re confident in the ability of Michelin tyres to perform safely until 1.6mm - offering our customers value for money and to reduce premature wastage which ultimately contributes to reduced environmental impact.

Due to the quality compounds which make up Michelin products — our material expertise allows us to develop and combine more than 200 elements that constitute your tyres — every Michelin tyre has been specifically designed remain safe at 1.6mm . We test our tyres over one billion miles per year — which equates to 40 trips around to planet!

For off-road tyres, you will notice the performance deteriorates significantly when tread goes below 4mm, so regular users in arduous terrain may want to consider setting a slightly higher limit on tyre tread depth than the normal 1.6mm.

As well as tread, your tyre must have a continuous band measuring ¾ of the tread width around the centre of the tyre.

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