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Discover SUV cars and tyres

Welcome to the SUV hub. An area designed so that you can learn more about the popular SUV.

Tips & Advice for Car, SUV & Van tyres

Despite the fact the term SUV only began to be used popularly in the 1980s, the style of vehicle has been prominently manufactured as military vehicles since World War II.
Thanks to its sheer versatility, today SUVs dominate the roads catering for a wide variety of needs and lifestyles alike.

Why just create a good driving experience, when you can create the ultimate driving experience?
Michelin are experts in tyres that deliver performance made to last.

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Performance SUVs

This is a vehicle all about style and substance. It stands out from the crowd and makes a statement. Don't settle for less, get behind the wheel of information and discover more about performance SUVs.

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Lifestyle SUVs

Suitable for a variety of uses, the SUV’s success hinges on versatility, with safety always paramount. Sit back, relax. We’ll take care of what you need to know, while the SUV takes care of you.

SUV Frequently Asked Questions

Michelin are always happy to answer your questions. Here, we share some of the most popular when it comes to SUVs.

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