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SUVs and Insurance Rates: Understanding the Factors Involved

Although the common preconception is that SUVs may be more expensive to insure than saloon alternatives, this will majorly depend on four main factors: the cost to repair it, the potential damage it can inflict, the safety record of the vehicle, and the likelihood of it being stolen.

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Premiums may be significantly reduced thanks to technologies which work to prevent crashes, including lane departure warning systems and road sign detection alerts.

Each car can fit into an insurance category from one (cheapest to insure) to 50 (most expensive). This Group Rating system, administered by Thatcham Research, is applied to each new car, with examples of SUVs including:


Model example

Insurance Group

Compact SUV

Renault Captur Dynamique In

9 to 15

Mini SUV

Audi Q2

Up to 17

Mid-size luxury crossover SUV

Porsche Cayenne


Large SUV

Toyota Land Cruiser


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