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SUVs: Built for the Road or Ready for the Trail?

Typically, SUVs are equipped with off-road capabilities such as a high frame and tough panels to protect from rugged terrain.

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The traditional models, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, are based on a ladder chassis. However, SUV crossovers, such as the Citroen C3 Aircross are suited more to on-road driving. That said, 2018’s top-selling SUV was the Ford Kuga, followed by the Kia Sportage, and VW Tiguan, and all are capable, to varying degrees, of completing off-road adventures. 

The most experienced advice we can offer in regard to purchasing an SUV, is to grasp a firm understanding of what you are going to be using your vehicle for, and then buying a vehicle that fits in with that usage. Otherwise, seek professional input regarding any potential alterations.

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