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Tyres for electric SUV

Looking for the best tyres for your electric SUV?

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If you have an electric SUV or hybrid, you may be wondering whether there are tyres specially adapted to this type of vehicle. Are there any notable differences between an electric SUV and an internal combustion SUV that would justify a different choice of tyres? Our experts shed light on the subject.


SUV, king of the electric four-wheelers

SUVs appeal to consumers for both their practical and aesthetic qualities. Its elegance and height above the road, its interior space and versatility make it an attractive vehicle that has won over the masses. As consumer demand has grown, carmakers have responded by expanding their range of SUVs, from the most expensive to the cheapest, from the largest to the smallest.

Then, with the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, the SUV has become a natural choice. In the four-wheeled electric vehicle market, the most widespread category is the electric SUV.

Electric SUV: 4 good reasons to choose MICHELIN tyres

1 - To optimise rolling resistance

An SUV is generally higher than other 4-wheeled passenger cars, which means increased wind resistance. When you're driving around town on short journeys, this doesn't make much difference, but when you're on a long journey, the impact on energy consumption becomes more significant.

With MICHELIN tyres offering low rolling resistance, your energy consumption is optimised and your battery range is extended. We’ve been working on rolling resistance improvement over the last 3 decades, launching our first “energy” range in 1992.

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2 - To last longer

Regenerative braking allows your electric SUV to recharge its batteries when you slow down after lifting your foot off the accelerator. But energy recovery differs depending whether you have a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive electric SUV. With 2-wheel drive, the same axle makes the propulsive efforts to move the vehicle forward and the brakes to slow the vehicle. This increased stress on the tyres generates a faster tyre wear. In addition, an EV offers instantaneous torque and on average higher torque and engine power compared to a combustion vehicle.

Longevity is in the DNA of Michelin tyres. Our tyres are designed to last longer and to provide the same performance up to the last mile.

3 - To reduce noise

In a combustion engine vehicle, the noise from the tyres is masked by the engine noise. The engine of an electric SUV is silent. As a result, when you're driving, the noise from the tyres in the cabin can seems louder and can increase depending on the car’s sound insulation and the road roughness.

Our MICHELIN Acoustic solution, a vibration-absorbent polyurethane foam ring inside the tyre, considerably reduces the intensity of tyre noise to give you a better driving experience. In addition, our engineers optimise the tread design to reduce road noise.

MICHELIN Acoustic reduces noise in the cabin of your EV

4 - To support a heavy load

An electric SUV is heavier than its internal combustion counterpart because of the weight of the batteries. This amaount of addtional weight depends on whether the batteries are located in the rear of the boot (which is generally the case for hybrids) or under the floor (in the case of electric vehicles).

Michelin supplies tyres with a bigger diameter or the same dimension and a higher load capacity for your electric SUV.

The heavier the vehicle, the bigger the tyres need to be to carry the weight. But if the tyres are wider, they create wind resistance that will impact the overall performance of the electric SUV, particularly at high speeds. For these reasons, some manufacturers ask Michelin to design narrower tyres that improve aerodynamics, while still being able to carry more load. We created High Load capacity tyres (HL tyres). These tyres can be identified by the HL prefix on the sidewall, where the dimensions are shown.


The added value of Aero Wheels

To further optimise the aerodynamics of your electric SUV, you can also install Aero Wheels, which are special wheel hubcaps that are fitted over the rims.

In town, when you're accelerating and slowing down, the regenerative braking system is often used to optimise battery consumption. But on the motorway during a long journey, the battery is under strain and recharging occasions are rarer. In this context, Aero Wheels improve aerodynamic drag thanks to their greater penetration in the air. They therefore optimise energy consumption even further.

Michelin's HL tyres are tyres that improve aerodynamics, while still being able to carry more load

Which MICHELIN tyres for an electric SUV?

All MICHELIN tyres are suitable for your electric SUV, as well as for all types of EV. Quite simply because the features we mentioned earlier (longevity, rolling resistance, noise reduction) are at the heart of our DNA. And because our philosophy remains the same for EVs.

Choose OE marking

Michelin has 280 approvals for electric vehicles from 55 manufacturers worldwide, meaning that we have designed tyres to meet the needs of the vehicles with each of these manufacturers. OE marked tyres have been used on ICE cars for decades, EV are no exception.

An OE offer is dedicated to a specific vehicle to provide the best driving experience. As a result, if  there is an offer marked OE (Original Equipment), this is the one we advise you to choose first for your electric SUV.

In the absence of OE marking, you can relax! Our range developments take into account the needs of electric vehicles, so we know how to meet the needs of your electric SUV. In this case, the criteria for your choice will depend on the type of winters you have to drive your electric SUV in. We'll explain which criteria below.

The other selection criteria

To help you choose the best tyres for your electric SUV according to winter conditions, here's a simple visual guide:

visuel mobile

A few details about the ranges mentioned in the image:

Click on the tyres below to check their availability for the dimensions you require for your electric SUV:

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